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Enjoy Your Special Moments With Honeymoon Pill– Vidalista

Enjoy Your Special Moments With Honeymoon Pill– Vidalista

What holds a man to perform well in bed?

  • A man avoids making love to his woman only if he faces a problem with his erection on regular basis.
  • Erectile dysfunction is an issue that makes a man unable to keep or get his erection solid for the satisfactory intimate session.
  • This medical issue makes him feel shameful and embarrassing so he avoids making such activity that can lead to lovemaking the session.

What is the role of Vidalista in man’s sensual problem?

  • Vidalista 40mg is a proven for anti-impotence effects as it gives a solid erection to a man that makes him love confident to his woman unstoppable.
  • As man get a hard erection for a long time so he can make the amazing intimate session and can enjoy satisfactory lovemaking the session.
  • After taking this medicine he becomes active for a long time so he can constantly make conversation and love activity with her that strengthens their bonding.
  • Generic Tadalafil is the generic compound present in the branded medicine Vidalista that is responsible for its amazing effects.

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How does Vidalista work in the body?

  • The functioning of Tadalafil is dependent on its activity of stopping PDE-5 enzyme so that breakdown of cGMP gets stopped.
  • At the time of love arousing, levels of cGMP get higher in the body due to the emergence of nitric oxide in the man’s body.
  • Lastly, blood vessels start vasodilation and more blood reaches in male sensual part giving an unbending solid erection.

What is the right dosing recommendation of Vidalista?

  • The available dosing strengths of Vidalista is 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg.
  • It is advised to take one tablet of this medicine orally, half an hour before getting naughty with your woman.
  • As it is a long-lasting pill, so it keeps working till 36 hours in the body.
  • Take the second dose of this medicine after 3 days, to prevent overdosing.
  • Intake of heavy meals should be avoided apart from that,  this medicine can be taken with or without food.

What are the side effects that can develop with the use of Vidalista?

Please tell your doctor and stop taking Vidalista if down listed side effects get aggravate after taking this medication:

  • Nausea
  • Muscle pain
  • Stuffy nose
  • Pain in arms
  • Reddishness of skin
  • Sleepiness

What are the contraindications & precautions of Vidalista?

  • Use of Vidalista is contraindicated in medical problems such as angina, pulmonary hypertension and bleeding disorder as it may worsen these problems.
  • A man sensitive to any compound present in Vidalista is not allowed to take this medicine otherwise it may cause undesirable reactions in the body.
  • Vidalista should not be taken with alcoholic products as it may worsen the noxious effects of this medicine.
  • Vidalista may give you a light headed feeling so do not do such works that need your mental presence.
  • If erection remains harder for more than 4 hours after taking Vidalista then there is need to tell it to your doctor.

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