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Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray) for Men is a powerful medicine that is most commonly suggested for the management of premature ejaculation in man. Climax Spray is made up of Generic Lidocaine.

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Regular Price: $8.00


Brief Overview About Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray)

Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray) for Men is a powerful medicine that is most commonly suggested for the management of premature ejaculation in man. Premature ejaculation is a common clinical condition in which a man is not able to control ejaculation of his semen or ejaculates before or immediately after the penetration. Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray) is a very embarrassing movement for this kind of men due to this he is not capable to satisfy his partner appropriately on the bed. Climax Men Spray helps a man in controlling or sustaining ejaculatory time for the appropriate duration while making love that effectively helps to please a partner in satisfactory duration.

Working Action Of Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray)

Climax Spray is made up of Generic Lidocaine that comes in the category of medicine known as a local anesthetic that may act by making some changes in sensitivity threshold to stimuli and prolongs the duration of intimacy sessions ensuring orgasm of the female partner. As a result, this medicine promotes the quality of lovemaking performance and augments the level of satisfaction in couples.

What Are The Contraindications Of Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray)?

  • An individual should not use Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray) if allergic to any constituent including generic Lidocaine, any similar medicines or any food substances.
  • Before using Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray) this is suggested to consult the doctor if suffering from severe hypotension, severe cardiac disorder, myasthenia gravis, serious arrhythmia or any other medical condition.

What Are The Contraindications Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray)?

Some medicines may interact with Climax Men Spray, therefore, consult the doctor if you are under the treatment or using any kind of medicines including--

  • Another local Anesthetic drug- Bupivacaine, Chloroprocaine
  • Beta-blockers- Metoprolol, Carvedilol
  • Tricyclic Antidepressant drugs- Amitriptyline, Amoxapine
  • Antipsychotic drugs- Phenothiazine, Butyrophenones
  • antifungal-- Itraconazole, Fluconazole

What Is The Method Of Application Of Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray)?

Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray) is a kind of topical agent, therefore, it has to be used on the skin. Ahead of using this medicine you should wash hand and the private part and shake the container properly. To apply the medicine press the nozzle of the container then apply for the medicine superficially on the tip of the male private part by keeping a distance of about 5 to 10. Normally 5 sprays are suggested and this is advised to use the medicine almost 15 minutes before intercourse.

What Are The Side Effects Of Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray)?

Common side effects may occur such as dizziness, drowsiness, headache, vomiting, nausea, painful erection, blurring of vision, prolonged ejaculation, itching near the penile section, rashes, and redness.

What Are The Precautions While Using Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray)?

  • Prevent using Climax Men Spray so near to your private part and do not use if you have any kind of deformity like section, inflammation or itching etc.
  • One should not use Climax Men Spray if under 18 years.
  • While using Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray) do not consume alcohol or any sedative products.
  • Use the Climax Spray (Lidocaine Spray) when planned to make a physical relation. 

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