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Buy Efudex Cream Online - Generic Flurouracil Cream

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Buy Efudex Cream Online - Generic Flurouracil Cream

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Regular Price: $15.00


Brief Overview About Efudex Cream (Generic Fluorouracil Cream)

Efudex Cream (Generic Fluorouracil Cream) is a prominent medicine most often suggested for the management of Actinic Keratosis in this condition the skin grows red and scaly bumps that may occur due to the exposure of the sun. Efudex Cream contains Generic Fluorouracil as the main active ingredient which is a USFDA approved medicine. The use of Efudex Cream (Fluorouracil) on Superficial Basal Cell skin cancer, where the cells underneath the skin multiply quickly and other related issues of warts are best managed by the topical application of the therapeutic cream known as Efudex Cream (Generic Fluorouracil Cream).

How Efudex Cream (Generic Fluorouracil Cream) Works?

Efudex Cream (Fluorouracil Cream) comes in the category of medicine in the class of medications known as anti-metabolites which when applied onto the skin becomes quickly diffuse within the Superficial Basal Cell to confine the growth, division, and reproduction of abnormal cells that are responsible for such a skin condition. This medicine acts excellent best to abolish the cancerous and pre-cancerous cells, whilst have a slight effect on healthy cells.

What Is The Method Of Application Of Efudex Cream (Generic Fluorouracil Cream)?

Patients who are recommended to use Efudex Cream (Fluorouracil Cream) only to the affected area or the suspected area. Before applying for the medicine you must wash your hand and face or clean the affected area and dry. Take the required amount of medicine on your finger and gently rub it on the skin or you can message for proper mixing to make a thin layer. A tinny and uniform layer is adequate to convey the desired pharmaceutical effect. The use of this medicine may vary or depend on the condition of the patient thus consult the doctor before application. Do not use more than suggested dose of this medicine as this may show some unwanted effects.

What Are The Contraindications Of Efudex Cream (Generic Fluorouracil Cream)?

  • Efudex Cream (Fluorouracil Cream) should not be used if the patient is allergic to any constituent in the medicine or any similar products or food substances.
  • One should consult the doctor if suffering from any type of severe medical condition like dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) enzyme or any other skin disorder including irritation, inflammation, wounds etc.
  • If you are under the treatment of any medicine including prescription, non-prescription, herbal products and vitamins then consult the doctor before use.

What Are The Side Effects Of Efudex Cream (Generic Fluorouracil Cream)?

Patients who are under the treatment of Efudex Cream (Fluorouracil Cream) may come across with some unwished effects such as warmth, burning, rash, itching, itching, inflammation, and dryness. Discoloration to the region of application and enhanced sensitivity towards sunlight are some other adverse effects.

What Are The Precautions Allied To Efudex Cream (Generic Fluorouracil Cream)?

  • Special cautions need to be taken under the condition when the women are pregnant or trying to conceive.
  • Patients are suggested to drape the region via the breathable cloth or wear good SPF cream in lieu of stepping out in the Sun.
  • While applying the medicine be cautious as this should not use in the eyes, nose, or vicinity to mouth.

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