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Buy Melacare Cream 2% Online - Generic Hydroquinone, Tretinoin and Mometasone

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Buy Melacare Cream 2% Online - Generic Hydroquinone, Tretinoin and Mometasone

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Regular Price: $10.00


Brief Overview About Melacare Cream 2%

Acne problem is getting worse because of change in lifestyle or eating habits. A number of individual wants to get rid of their increasing acne that is taking off their beauty. Melasma is the condition in which the facial skin becomes patchy with brown discoloration and making the skin looks dull. For both the conditions, one can use Melacare Cream 2% that helps in getting the active and bright skin. Melacare Cream 2% has also shown interest in other skin conditions like wrinkles, age spots, acne vulgaris, and dermatitis of the scalp.

Mechanics For Melacare Cream 2%

Melacare Cream 2% medicine is a complex of three active ingredients namely Hydroquinone Topical, Mometasone Topical, and Tretinoin Topical.

Hydroquinone: This active agent helps in the revocable alleviating of the skin as it interferes with the fabrication of melanin by the compounds melanocytes in the skin. Precisely the abolishment of the conversion of tyrosine to DOPA (dihydroxyphenylalanine) that is responsible for the lessening of pigment.

Mometasone: Mometasone is classified as a synthetic corticosteroid that shows anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, or vasoconstrictive possessions that causes hindrance in the formation of scars.

Tretinoin: The effect of Tretinoin in the reduction of acne as it shows its functioning by modifying abnormality of the follicular keratinization.

Dosing Strategy For Using Melacare Cream 2%

Following is the composition of Melacare Cream 2%

Hydroquinone Topical - 2%

Mometasone Topical - 0.1%

Tretinoin Topical - 0.025%

This cream is to be applied to the skin once in a day especially at night time before going to sleep. The cream should not be applied to cuts, wounds or burns. Only a thinner layer of the cream should be applied to the affected areas. Do not immediately wash the treated area soon after the application of the medicine. Do use the cream only on the dry and washed skin.

Preventive Measures Along With Melacare Cream 2%

  • Do not apply to the face if allergic to any of the components of the medicine.
  • Do not come in direct contact with sunlight or dust just after the application of the medicine.
  • Do not make use of this cream with any other skin care product.
  • Do not apply the cream as thick coating as this may cause the peeling effect of the skin.
  • Do not use any sulfur or alcohol containing face-wash or face product during the use of Melacare Cream 2%.
  • Patients who are suffering from eczematous skin condition are not allowed to use this cream.
  • A pregnant or breastfeeding woman should use only if advised by doctors.

Side Effects Of Melacare Cream 2%

Melacare Cream 2% may result in some temporary effecting side effects including:

  • Burning sensation in the skin
  • Lightening of the applied portion of the skin
  • Depigmentation
  • Hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation
  • Erythema

Caution: This medicine is meant for external use only, do not let it enter your eyes, nose or mouth. Keep out of the reach from children.

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