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Buy Silcream Cream Online - Generic Sulfadiazine Cream

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Buy Silcream Cream Online - Generic Sulfadiazine Cream

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Regular Price: $2.50


Brief Overview About Silcream Cream (Silver Sulphadiazine and Chlorhexadine Gluconate)

Silcream Cream is meant for treatment of infection of various body parts. This belongs to a class of drug known as Sulfonamides. This works by inhibiting the bacterial growth. Silcream Cream helps in control, prevention, treatment, and improvement of disease like skin wounds, wound sepsis, and microbial skin infections. Silcream Cream basically has two actives such as Silver Sulphadiazine and Chlorhexadine Gluconate as a topical cream.

What Is The Mode Of Action By Which Silcream Cream Works Inside Our Body?

Silver Sulfadiazine works over the cell membrane and cell wall and shows bactericidal activity. Its action happens by synergistic interaction of this component. Chlorhexadine shows both bacteriostatic and bactericidal action. It works over gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It kills the bacteria by distorting the cell membrane.

What Is The Dosage Regimen For Silcream Cream?

Silcream Cream has strength as 1% w/w. Before application, one should wash hands and affected area. Then dry your affected area. Take out some amount of cream and then rub gently over affected area so that it get absorbed. Do not cover the affected area after its application. Use this once or twice every day.

What Is The Contraindication That Has To Be Followed?

Do never apply Silcream Cream when highly allergic to its components.

What Are The Safety Tips To Follow-Up?

  • Do not apply over eyes, mouth, and nose, if so then wash with water.
  • Keep your hands always clean before and after application.
  • Use carefully among children below 2 month age.
  • Do not move out in sunshine after its application as the skin is prone to skin burning.

What Are The Sick Issues That Might Get Precipitated?

Some ill ailments that arise after using Silcream Cream are as skin necrosis, leukopenia, skin discoloration, burning sensation, rashes, and skin necrosis.

What Is The Storage Condition Of Silcream Cream?

Keep out of small children reach. Place it at a proper place away from moisture, heat, and light. Store Silcream Cream (Silver Sulphadiazine and Chlorhexadine Gluconate)at a temperature between 15 to 30Oc.

Which Is The Right Option For Making A Purchase Of Silcream Cream?

Place an order Silcream Cream (Silver Sulphadiazine and Chlorhexadine Gluconate) on our online pharmacy portal at a discounted cost along with the mode of fastest delivery services!!

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