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Buy Silvamed Cream 40gm Online - Generic Silver Nitrate Cream

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Buy Silvamed Cream 40gm Online - Generic Silver Nitrate Cream

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Regular Price: $6.00


Brief Overview About Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream)

Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream) is a prominent medicine most often suggested to manage severe burn or third degree burn. Silvamed Cream contains Silver Sulfadiazine as the main active constituent that is prepared as cream form. However, it significantly helps in treating warts, burn wounds, eczema conditions that may happen due to burn. Moreover, Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine) medicine can also be recommended to cure wounds, stitches and infected-injured tissues of post-surgical wounds.

Working Action Of Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream)

Silver and Sulfadiazine both has different effects in healing the burns, wounds and emerged infections they works by interacting with the surface membrane proteins that source a strong round of the growth of bacteria. Therefore, up of on binding to proteins there occur successive cells death of bacteria. It also interacts to disturb the integrity of cells by blocking the synthesis of bacterial DNA and RNA. Thus, the menace of bacterial feast gets prevented on proximate skin cells and blood cells which are accountable to hurried serious blood infection called sepsis.

The Method Of Application Of Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream)

Silvamed Cream is prepared in 1% topical preparation and suggested to use for the external purpose only. This is recommended to clean hand ahead of applying the medicine and let them dry first or wear a hand globe and let them dry first. Take required amount of medicine on your finger then apply it one the affected area by rubbing smoothly. You can use the cream twice in a day or as recommended by the doctor. There is no need of dressing over the affected area after applying Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream).

Contraindications Of Using Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream)

  • One should not use Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream) if you are allergic to silver sulfadiazine or any other component in the medicine.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult the doctor before administration.
  • This cream is not effective in controlling viral infection and is usually effective against bacterial infections only thus, use accordingly.

Drug Interactions Of Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream)

Certain medicine may interact withSilvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream) including in case you are using consult the doctor like Phenytoin, Methenamine, Tolbutamide, Vitamin K antagonist drugs, and other topical preparation containing proteases like Trypsin and Clostridiopeptidase, herbal products etc.

Storage Conditions For Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream)

Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream) is suggested to store at room temperature and must keep it away from direct sunlight, moisture or heat. Keep it out of reach from the children's and pets.

Possible Side Effects Of Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream)

In some individuals Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream) may show common unwanted effects such as includes burning, irritation, mild itching, pain, inflammation and redness in the region of application.

Precautions While Using Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream)

  • Refrain using Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream) from eyes, nose, and mouth, if get accidentally, then immediately rinse eyes and pursue the guidance of a physician.
  • In the case of children below 2 months of age consult the doctor before using Silvamed Cream (Silver Sulfadiazine Cream).
  • This is mandatory to wear sterile gloves when applying the cream to evade any spread of infections.
  • The long-term or repeated use is only done by the consultation of doctor as this could develop a second infection.

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