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Our Policies - AmericanMeds

When you give access to the websites or mobile applications, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the company. Do not use our services if you have any doubt on them. Without any prior notice, can change these terms and conditions so you need to update to be connected with the changes in the policies.

Health-Related Content

The health-related content that is published on our website is just to aware you about the ailment, it does not suggest any diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention. You should consult your physician before depending upon the information about the ailment given on our website.

Links To Third Party Websites

Our website is also linked to other self-governing third-party websites in order to provide references to you. They are themselves different websites and their terms and conditions are their own; we do not play any role in that.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is required to help you out to get the proper medication and keep the record for our business, so we are not legitimately responsible for dealing out your personal dealing with any other person. Please go through our privacy policies for other details.

Your Conduct

You must be of above the age of 18 years to sign up on our website. If you conduct, any unacceptable tasks with website, at our sole judgment, AmericanMeds reserve all the rights to inhibit your registration on our site. The minor above 13 years can use our website only if they get proper supervision from their parents.

Limitations Of Liability

If something goes wrong because of unauthorized access, is not responsible for any damages regarding procurement of substitute products, matter concerning to the digital experience, conduct of any third party, or inability to use our services

Copyright Violation Complaints

Our website include every informatory data is original and our copyright. Without our permission no is authorized to copy or sell the compounds for their profits. This data is just to educate the customers about the products and their usage.

Dispute Resolution

In case of any trouble or dispute arises, you should remain agree to settle the disputes or your concern occurring at or in coalition with the use of the website or while making any purchase by a private power to be selected by the joint endorsement of the company and yourself.